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You can get both protection and savings with just an endowment savings plan! The policy pays either the sum insured (and all attaching bonuses) when a death occurs during the insurance period or receives a lump sum pay-out when one survives to the policy maturity date. You can use endowment savings plan for many purposes, including medium to long term savings, for your child’s education or to supplement your retirement plans. You decide how long you need to save and how much you want to save. If disciplined savings is what you want, an Endowment Savings Plan is what you need.

For your Medium to Long Term Savings goals!

It’s as simple as deciding how much you need and when you need it! Many people start putting aside their spare cash for medium to long term planning. May it be for a wedding, to start a business or just simply saving for the future. You have the freedom to decide what you want to do with the money when your policy matures! Speak to our LiveLife Relationship Managers today for a endowment savings plan that suits your savings goals and budget today!

・Choice of premium paying term
・Choice of pay out age
・Options to receive cash benefits or accumulate

To supplement your Retirement Planning!

LiveLife can assist you to start planning for your retirement with our LiveLife Financial Planning Process. The process will help you to identify how much you need for your retirement and how much you need to set aside to achieve it. With the myriad of insurance products available in the market, our LiveLife Relationship Managers will help you to identify a product that suit your needs and budget. Call us today for a free consultation!

・Complement your CPF Life payout
・Choice of retirement age and accumulation period
・Choice of pay out period and amount

To start saving for your Child’s Education!

Saving for your child’s education requires a lot of discipline and consistent effort. This is the reason why many parents use an endowment savings plan to help them to save for their children’s education. You can decide by when and how much your child will need for education. Our LiveLife Relationship Managers can assist you to start planning now and recommend a suitable endowment savings product based on your budget and financial goal. Book a free consultation with our Livelife Relationship Managers today to find out more!

・Designated pay outs to fit your child’s milestone for education purposes
・Option to receive pay out or accumulate during withdrawal age
・Options to add riders to cover parents/payor

Investment-Linked Policies are hybrid products which
carry both insurance and investment features.
The choice to invest in different funds allows you greater control of your wealth accumulation.

Savings vs Investment-linked Policy

Savings Investment-linked Policy
Premiums go into a savings fund and all participating policyholders share the investment return of the fund Policyholder chooses which ILP sub-fund to invest in and bears the ILP investment risk
Insurer may declare bonuses to distribute share of profit of the participating fund Dividends and returns are dependent on the performance of the ILP sub-fund you invest in
Usually has a guaranteed cash value No guaranteed cash value
Unable to top up investment Flexibility to top-up investment on ad-hoc or regular basis and switch funds
Unable to vary amount of insurance coverage without revision in premium rates Flexibility to vary insurance coverage for regular premium plans based on changes in financial needs

Features of Investment-linked Policy:
・Portfolio diversification with annual fund updates
・Potentially higher returns
・Guaranteed insurance coverage for death & TPD
・Partial withdrawal to enjoy bonuses
・Free fund switching

Why Livelife?

Life insurance should not be a retailed product sold to you but a fitted solution after you fully understand what is suitable for you and what the benefits are. If you feel uncertain about life insurance, please knock on our door. We won't disappoint you.

Professional consultation with financial planning aided by technology

We strive to maintain the highest level of competency and professionalism to fulfil our promises to our customers. Through our unique consultation-based approach with financial planning tool, you get to visualize your needs and goals in your life. You will be able to get the right protection you need for the various stages of your life.

Unbiased, fully salaried Relationship Manager advice with fair product comparison

Our LiveLife Relationship Managers are not remunerated by commissions. Based on our life planning and financial simulations, we are able to provide clear comparison among several insurers’ products. Hence, you are able to choose the most suitable insurance plan based on our unbiased recommendation.

Customer’s Review

Be the next person to experience with our excellent services.

“He(My advisor) answered my questions patiently and gave me as much time as I needed to make the right decisions.”
–A.W –

“I will definitely recommend LiveLife@Westgate for your insurance needs!”
–K.C –

“I was really surprised when I see an insurance (advise) company in a shopping mall. So convenient!”
–D.W –


With the LiveLife Comprehensive Consultation Process, our Relationship Manager will be able to help you to evaluate your life goal and desire, your current and expecting income and expenses, risk appetite and other financial conditions, and recommend solutions that are best suited to your needs and goals.
LiveLife consultation is completely free. LiveLife Relationship Managers are salary-based advisers and do not earn commissions from the sale of insurance product. Together with our LiveLife comprehensive consultation process, they can provide you with the most unbiased advice and recommend solutions that best suit your needs and goals.
From a product perspective, there is no difference. The premium you pay for the insurance plan is the same, the terms of contract is the same and the benefits you enjoy will also be the same. However, our LiveLife Comprehensive Consultation Process, supported by a salary-based sales model, we are in a unique position to help you to derive more value from each recommendation offered to you. We are committed to help you to get the best value for every dollar you put into your insurance plan.
Whether one needs to undergo medical underwriting depends on several conditions, not least the person’s medical history and the current state of medical health. Our Relationship Manager will be able to advise you on the requirement during the consultation. You can check out more information from our Relationship Manager by submitting an enquiry now!
Our LiveLife shop is poised to offer you a unique customer consultation experience. You can enjoy a comfortable and totally confidential consultation journey without the pressure to buy. However, we do understand that travelling to The Livelife shop at Westgate Mall may not be the most convenient at times. We can arrange to meet at our downtown office at 20 Anson Road. Alternatively, if a face to face consultation is not your preferred choice at the moment, our Relationship Managers are most able to arrange the consultation online. You will be rest assured that the consultation process is equally professional, comfortable and confidential as in the face to face process. Please let us know your preference by submitting your enquiry here!

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