Be prepared against Accident Life can be full of surprises…. and you don’t want to get caught off-guard with the nasty ones!


Staying Prepared Against Accidents

Although accidents happen a lot more often than we expect, Personal Accident Plans are some of the most overlooked insurance plans. The reality is that no matter how prepared or careful you are, being in the wrong place at the wrong time is beyond our control.

Obtain coverage for accidental injury, death, and permanent disability

Focus on your recovery without worrying about medical costs and protect your income against accidental death or permanent disability, especially if you have dependents.

If you cannot perform daily tasks or work after an accident, or if you require ongoing treatment following an accident, you could burn through your savings very quickly. The medical expenses incurred after an accident can be costly for anyone, especially for daily wage earners, workers, self-employed, active individuals, and those who love outdoor activities.

Most people think that hospitalisation plans, and medical coverage alone are enough. A personal accident plan provides benefits such as lump-sum payments to help with recovery and other incident expenses, which a hospitalisation plan cannot provide.

Here’s what to consider when buying a Personal Accident Plan:

  • Policy premiums are based on risks associated with your occupation.
  • What other benefits such as Infectious Diseases coverage or daily hospitalisation allowance should you consider suiting your protection needs?
  • Do you prefer to also be covered for recovery treatments such as chiropractic, physiotherapy and/or Traditional Chinese Medicine?

Features of Personal Accident Plan:

Covers infectious diseases (eg. HFMD in children)


Covers accidental death and permanent disability

Covers outpatient expenses including recovery treatments

Covers medical expenses incurred due to an accident

Supplements your income throughout your recovery




What’s LiveLife?

Through a unique consulting–based sales approach, we help you to choose the optimalinsurance for your specific situations and requirements. Through after-sales consultations, we ensure that you have the protection you need at all stages of life.

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Sony Life Financial Advisers aims to provide services optimally tailored to individual customers. Sony Life Financial Advisers runs LiveLife, a walk–in insurance shop where its dedicated staff provide you optimal insurance plans and you can compare from variety of insurers’ products.


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