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    Customer Satisfaction 4.8
  • LiveLife
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    Customer Satisfaction 4.8
  • LiveLife, Your Lifelong Partner.

    Life Insurance Redefined

    Customer Satisfaction 4.8

We, "LiveLife", help you to live life more secure and fun with our complimentary financial advice.
Sony Life Financial Advisers was established as a joint venture between Sony Life and Starts Securities in 2018.

We offer you:

  • Professional Consultation
    Professional Consultation
  • Financial planning aided by technology
    Financial planning aided by technology
  • Unbiased, fully salaried Relationship Manager
    Unbiased, fully salaried Relationship Manager
  • Comparison among multiple partner insurers
    Comparison among multiple partner insurers
  • remium location at your convenience
    Premium location at your convenience

Our Consultation Process

  • Appointment

    Schedule an appointment with us via:
    -fb messenger
    -HP:Reservation form

  • Complementary Consultation

    • Understanding your needs and goals
    • Receive a comprehensive financial planning report
  • Solutions & Decision

    • Customised solution
    • Application for insurance
  • Regular review

    • Regular policy review


What Our Customers Say

  • customers

    I would like to share about the pleasant experience and good service at Sony Life Financial Advisers (LiveLife at Westgate), provided by Relationship Manager. There was no pressure to purchase any products from the start.
    We were at ease to first map out our family life goals and then discuss our family priorities and insurance needs. In the end, we purchased the policies that meet our needs. Throughout, we felt that the business process and Relationship Manager were professional. The overall service standards certainly met our expectations.

    Eng San, 48

  • customers

    I’ve known a Relationship Manager since I was a student. I heard that she joined Sony Life Financial Advisers (SLFA) and visited LiveLife shop to find out more. From her introduction, I learnt that detailed market research of the Singapore insurance industry was conducted by SLFA, even before establishing their business here.
    In my opinion, by partnering with many different insurers and with the wide variety of products, SLFA covers most aspects of insurance planning needs for consumers. It is a one-stop solution to meet consumer’s demands.For a newly set up company, it is important to have a team of competent Relationship Managers like her. I wish LiveLife and her great success and a promising future.

    Su Yong, 37

  • customers

    It was without hesitation that I provided a testimonial about Sony Life Financial Advisers (SLFA) and my dedicated Relationship Manager (RM) He has helped me to compare several travel insurance quotes. At first, I wondered if SLFA could do any better than my current provider. To my pleasant surprise, Jason provided me with a detailed proposal with various options to fit my specific needs, which exceeded my expectations. The entire application process was very smooth and hassle-free at LiveLife@Westgate.
    Jason is a terrific RM who has always been keeping me apprised of my post-trip travel insurance coverage, even after I’m back to Singapore from my holidays. He is very mindful of customer satisfaction. I’m happy to provide this testimonial for Jason and I wish both him and SLFA all the best. I will definitely be a returning customer!

    Chee Seng, 31

  • customers

    I wanted to learn about retirement planning and was introduced to Teo Lee Wan at Sony Life Financial Advisors. I was initially skeptical about financial advisors looking after my interests over their profit but Lee Wan took time to explain how Sony Life works and gave the assurance that good customised service was key and when clients are satisfied, the company will naturally do well. He was knowledgeable across various companies' products and was able to explain concepts clearly and patiently. I felt comfortable throughout and will not hesitate to call him to clarify any queries I have. There was also no pressure to purchase products.

    Su, 41