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Maid Insurance

Helpers take care of your home, and they should be cared for like a member of your family too! They help you manage your household diligently. Often, they are predisposed to injuries while doing household chores or falling sick now and then, just like you do.

Caring for your helper begins with taking care of their healthcare needs.

Purchasing Domestic Helper Insurance helps cover any expenses incurred should your helper suffer an unexpected illness or injury.

Features of Maid Insurance:

Helper1.png (118 KB)
Covers accidental death or permanent
disability due to an accident

Helper2.png (60 KB)
Reimburses hospitalisation and surgical
expenses, including emergency overseas hospitalisation 

Helper3.png (82 KB)
Covers medical evacuation and
repatriation fees
Helper4.png (55 KB)
Protects against legal liabilities in the event
of causing accidental injuries to third parties
and/or their property(ies)  
Helper5.png (40 KB)
Provides a Letter of Guarantee to waive
deposits required by the Singapore government restructured hospitals
Helper6.png (64 KB)
Provides a security bond for your
helper as required
by the Ministry of Manpower



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