What’s LiveLife?

Through a unique consulting–based sales approach, we help you to choose the optimal
insurance for your specific situations and requirements. Through after-sales consultations,
we ensure that you have the protection you need at all stages of life.

Various insurance products
from multiple insurers.

Based on life planning and financial simulations, we will provide clear comparison of several insurers’ policies and advice the optimal plans for you. We build a life plan for a customer’s family, simulating future family income and expenses.

LiveLife will not receive any insurance premiums directly from our customers. Please do not worry, your insurance premiums will be the same as what they will be with contracting with insurance company directly.

Quality advice and optimally
customised financial solutions.

We offer full and in-depth need–based approach. Because age, gender, number of family, situation of life and dreams for life are different for everyone, we conduct holistic life planning and financial simulations. Then, we provide you quality advices and financial solutions optimally tailored to individuals. Feel free to visit our LiveLife shop for consulting of new policies as well as reviewing existing policies.

Fair financial advice

provided by salaried advisers. All LiveLife Relationship Managers are not tied to any commissions. Hence, there is no bias in recommending one insurance company’s product over another.

No obligations

There will be no insistent solicitation, so please feel free to stop by our shop for a non-obligatory consultation. As a result of life planning and financial simulation, our Relationship Managers advise on your existing coverage.

Full support from the first consultation
to after–contract consultations.

In LiveLife, our Relationship Managers will assist you with signing multiple insurers’ policies and continue to look after your contract status after signing. We can help your paperwork such as changing address even with multiple insurers’ policies.